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Palliative Care Strategy

Awareness and Visibility

Unfortunately patients and families who have received hospice/palliative care services have remarked that they wished they had been referred to such services earlier. Many patients only receive hospice/palliative care in the end-of-life-stage of their disease. Many people are unaware of hospice as a possible option and that palliative care which hospice provide can make a significant positive difference in the quality of life for patients and their families. It is therefore of vital importance to raise awareness and to make palliative care more visible in the Pretoria West area. Various social and welfare organisation are working in the area and come face to face with illness and suffering on a daily basis. Many of the patients are not referred to palliative care service because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of what palliative care is and who can provide it.

Awareness and visibility can be increased in a number of ways. It was suggested that an Awareness/Information/Fundraising event is held at the Quagga Centre, where all members of the Palliative Care Forum can present their organisations and what their contribution to palliative care and the welfare of the Pretoria West community is. This event can also be used to recruit potential volunteers and community caregivers.

Access Referrals

Access to palliative care services should be advocated by all members of the Forum in the community of Pretoria West area, both to residents and to organisations working in the area. Residents needing palliative care should be able to access a palliative care service through a referral to the relevant organisation by any other organisation working in the area.

Palliative Care services would be provided more efficiently if relevant stakeholders are informed about referral procedures. It would be very beneficial to the community of Pretoria West if all organisations working in area could be each others’ eyes and ears and if cross-referring could take place. Referral procedures should be discussed in detail during forum meetings and means should be investigated to streamline the procedure for the benefit of the patients.

All members of the Forum declare by endorsing this document that they understand and respect that all patient information shared with them with regard to referrals is confidential and that they consent to this confidentiality clause.

Contributions that organisations can make towards palliative care:

Awareness and Visibility:


Patient Care:

Placement of Patients:


Social Services:

Education and Training:


Home-Based Care

All organisations working in the Pretoria West area appear anecdotally to experience a shortage of home-based care personnel, community caregivers and volunteers. In order to provide quality palliative care for all, the Forum will need to address this problem on a regular basis. The following solutions were suggested at the Forum meeting and will be investigated until a suitable solution is found:

Education and Training

All professional nurses, enrolled nurses, home-based care staff, community caregivers and volunteers working with persons in a palliative care programme must be palliative care trained. Sungardens Hospice presents various courses in palliative care, namely:

Pretoria West Community Care Forum Members

Palliative Care Contacts

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Secretary - Merryl Fryer

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